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Color Prediction Game Formula- SUPWIN

These days everyone is aware about making money online. There are various methods to earn money through online mode. One of the best method is to earn money by playing games online , people choose this method because its easy to play and earn along with earning there is fun and enjoyment  also. People who like to earn money by playing  games , they prefer to play Color Prediction Games.

People play Color Prediction Games and earn money but there  is a risk of loosing money in these games. Lot of people earn everyday more than thousand rupees. But on the other hand ,there are people who are  loosing money this is because they do not know to play smartly or they do not know what  pattern, tricks and formula they should follow. In this article we are going to discuss  Color Prediction Games Formula 2023. The latest formula of color prediction game will surely help you to win the money.

Color Prediction Game Formula

Color prediction games are kind of betting games if you do not  want to loose your money or want to maximize the chances to win . One should follow the tricks , pattern and formula which we will discuss. Recently , In India the users of these games are increasing day by day . There are lot of color prediction games for example SupWin , Fiewin , Mantrimall etc . There are chances of loss in these games so play carefully and learn loss management .

How to play color prediction game ?

All color prediction games have almost similar interface , there are three colors red ,green and violet . Player has to predict a color and bid a amount on that color . Player get the chance to predict color in every 30 seconds as the count down of 30 seconds ends. He/ She get to know whether his/her prediction was correct or not . Only two cases arises either player predict correct or do not predict correct color . In correct prediction user win and get the doubled amount  as a winning . If prediction becomes incorrect user loose the  entire money whatever amount  of money bid.

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Tricks and Tips For Color Prediction Games 

Rule 1 : A B A B A B ( 1A 1B)

   (OR)  💖💚💖💚💖💚
Rule 2: AA BB AA BB (2A 2B)


(OR)   💚💚💖💖💚💚💖💖💚💚

Rule 3: AAA BBB AAA BBB (3A 3B)


(OR)  💖💖💖💚💚💚💖💖 💖



(OR) 💖💖💖💖💚💚💚💚💖💖💖💖

Rule 5 : A BB A BB (1A 2B)


(OR) 💖💚💚💖💚💚💖💚💚

Rule 6:  AA B AA B (2A 1B)


(OR)  💖💖💚💖💖💚

Rule 7 : A BBB A BBB (1A 3B)


(OR) 💖💚💚💚💖💚💚💚

Rule 8: AAA B AAA B (3A 1B)


(OR) 💖💖💖💚💚💖💖💖💚💚

Rule 9: AAA BB AAA BB (3A 2B)


(OR) 💖💖💖💚💚💖💖💖💚💚

Rule 10: AAAAAAAAAA (Long Chain A)


(OR)   💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Rule 11: Mirror Trends



Rule 12 : AAAA BBBB AAAA (4A 4B)


You can use this tricks and tips on all color prediction apps . SupWin is one of the best app you can use these rules to win lot on money through it.

Rule 13 : The trick which is given below does not work always but it works in 70 to 80 percent cases you can use it and earn money.

  • Period 20210819271 and Prize 59844 👉 2+7+1+4 = 14 (Consider last number) its 4 Red color number ( 2,4,6,8) result ( 2 Red we won).
  • Period 20210819272 and prize 59862 👉 2+7+2+2 = 13 ( Consider last number) its 3 green color number ( 1,3,7,9) result ( 3 Green we won).


Color prediction games are good method to earn online money. There are lot of scammers also exist  in the market related to the same kind of game. So download the color prediction app through this website the link is at the top. These tricks and tips work one hundred percent  if you learn them carefully but still there are chances to fail sometimes so play very carefully .

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