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SupWin App 4 Methods of Earning Money Daily

If you’re looking to earn money online, SupWin is the best platform to earn money online. We’ll be discussing four effective methods to earn money through SupWin in this article, providing you with all the relevant information you need. Follow these steps to start earning money through SupWin.

How to Earn Money In SupWin App ?

SupWin earning proof

This Screenshot shows the reality of Supwin’s earning. This shows that SupWin is Genuine app to earn money online. Before earning money through SupWin you need to register your self with the help of using mobile number and OTP.

1. By Playing Color Prediction Game

You can earn money online in SupWin by predict a right color. You can uses previous data, Tricks, and algorithms to predict a right color. If you predict a right color then you will receive money.

Steps to play SupWin color prediction game 

If you wish to play on SupWin and earn money online, follow these steps:

    1. Register yourself using your mobile number and a password.
    2. Analyze the previous data to understand the game’s algorithms.
    3. Choose a color and click on it.
    4. Wait for the results to be revealed.”

2. SupWin Daily Lifafa Earn Money

Supwin lifafa

SupWin Daily Lifafa aims to provide monetary rewards to regular SupWin agents. It serves as a surprise reward for registered users, which can be received in the SupWin wallet. Engaging with SupWin Lifafa requires users’ attention to play regularly and invite others to participate in this application.

he amount of SupWin Daily Lifafa is determined by your level in the SupWin game. At the start of the SupWin game, you should receive approximately 10 to 20 Rupees. You can claim your SupWin Daily Lifafa by joining the official Telegram channel.

3. SupWin Refer and Earn

supwin Refer and earn

You can also earn money through Supwin Refer or invite by the help of social media. It gives you commission which is based on users investment. SupWin application provides you Referral and earn method to earn big amount. You can share your referral code with the help of telegram, Whatsapp group and other social networking methods.

Steps to Invite people in SupWin

Step 1) First of all go to the invite section of SupWin and click on it.

Step2) Click on My Share Link option to share your invite link on any other social media platform.

Step3) Give the guidance to your friends to download the SupWin game through your Referral link.

4. SupWin Rewards Section 

SupWin Reward section is also a good idea to earn money in SupWin game. Here you can read all the methods of earning money through rewards. You can read all the methods one by one and earn money.

First Investment Reward

If you invest some money in supwin at first time, you will get 100 Rs reward in your SupWin wallet. When you recharge your wallet with any payment method you will get reward.

First Withdraw Rs 5000 Reward

This reward is based on first withdraw in supwin game. If you withdraw 5000 Rs successfully in your bank account you will get 500 Rs.

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