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How to Earn Money from SupWin Rewards

SupWin is color prediction game people play this game and earn money It’s a good platform to make online money by playing simple games, But there are other methods to earn money on SupWin app One of the method is reward and task You have to simply complete the task which are given on this app and you get some reward in supwin app That can be withdraw easily in your bank account. So in this article You will learn about how to complete the task so that you can make money without hustle.

task rewards in SupWin color prediction gaming app
task rewards in SupWin color prediction gaming app

App download reward:

You can earn money simply by download the app, Download SupWin App, login to invest once, and get 10rs rewards.

Step 1 ) Open the official website 

Step 2) Complete the registration process by filling the phone no. and password.

Step 3) Click on My section and click on Download Now button.

First Investment Rewards:

You can Simply get this reward by investment. When you will complete the first investment in SupWin app, you will get 50rs reward you can use these rupees for playing the game.

First Recharge Rewards:

This reward is based on Recharge process. When you Recharge your wallet at first time you will get a reward of 100rs. this is one time reward you can get this reward once. After recharge 100rs successfully credit in your SupWin wallet.

First Withdraw Reward:

This reward is based on first withdraw. When you withdraw your money at first time you can get a reward of 10rs. After successfully withdrawing your 10 Rs successfully credit in your SupWIN wallet.

First Withdraw Rs 5000 Reward:

This reward is based on withdraw amount 5000 Rs. When you Withdraw 5000 Rs first time then you get 500 Rs in your wallet. If any candidate earn 5000 Rs or more and he/she withdraw 5000 Rs at first time after withdrawing 5000 Rs amount in his/her bank account, the amount of 500 Rs reward will be credit in SupWin wallet.

First Withdraw Rs 20000 Reward:

This reward is depends on withdraw amount 20000 Rs. When you withdraw 20000 Rs first time then you get 2000 Rs reward in your wallet. If any candidate earn 20000 Rs or more amount and he /she wants to withdraw 20000 Rs than after the complete withdraw the candidate will get 2000 Rs in his / her wallet.

First Invitation Reward:

This reward is based on refer or earn process. invite a new user to complete registration and make their first  investment after investment he or she get 10 Rs reward. It is only for first invitation.

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