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Supwin App Hack

Supwin App Hack: Supwin app is the best game app to earn money. It is a color prediction gaming app where users play games and earn money. To win the money here is not that much difficult if you know few supwin app hack. In this article we are going to share with you some hacks that are useful to win this game.


supwin app hack

Before understand the hacks of this game let us understand in brief what is the color prediction game. Supwin is a color prediction gaming app, In this game you bet some amount of money and predict the color of the card. If the color of the card comes as you have predicted then you win the money. And your betted amount becomes double otherwise you lose the money that you have invested in the game.

 What are Supwin app hacks ?

Supwin App Hack

Hack No. 1

If you are beginner on Supwin App, we would recommend you to invest small amount of money in the beginning. Gradually get experience How the game works. You can not earn a lot of money by knowing only the hacks. Along with the hacks a little experience is must. If we conclude the hack number 1, invest small amount in starting and learn the game.

Hack No. 2

There are three colors on the supwin game app on which you can bet. As per our observation we would recommend you to not invest money on the violet color because the violet color comes very rarely we will notice the Red and Green color frequently so try to invest on these two color. You can observe in the given picture also.

Hack No. 3

If you do not want to lose your entire money then don’t bet continuously take break in between and observe the bets do not invest in them. This hack will save you from the losing of your money. Always have patience when you lose any bet or specially when you are loosing money on supwin continuously. Take pause and observe the game and the pattern see the record. Do not rush in betting on the supwin app hack.

Hack No. 4

This hack is important and this works most of the time bet on the color which came recently in the result. As you can see in the picture Red color is repeating two times. Here clearly you can see the patter. So follow the pattern using your reasoning.

Note: Sometimes these hacks don’t work you can absolutely rely on these hacks but play carefully at your own responsibility.


Supwin is a gaming app where people play color prediction game you can make money here by playing games. But may lose money too. As a coin has two faces this game also has two outcomes whether you win or you lose. To increase the chances of winning we have discussed the supwin app hacks. The most important hack that most of the time works is that follow the pattern in record section.

Frequently Asked Questions- supwin app hack

What is the hack of supwin app to earn money?

Color prediction games are betting games so you can not rely 100 % on hacks. But the most important hack that works best is follow the pattern in the record section to win maximum times.

What is the minimum amount that we can bet on supwin app?

The minimum amount that you can bet is 10 INR.

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